What makes our doughnuts different from other doughnut shops? 

There are a few things that make our doughnuts different...

  1. It takes three days to make a the dough for our doughnuts. Most doughnuts are made from a pre-mixed recipe and take just a few hours to make. Our doughnuts very labor intensive and take 3 days from start until they are ready for you to eat.  Our doughnuts are also hand glazed individually which adds to the complexity of making them.
  2. Our ingredients are of the highest quality, and naturally are more expensive. We use "grass fed" French butter, Non-GMO Flour, organic and locally sourced fruits for our glazes.  All of our doughnuts are fried in Rice bran oil. 
  3. By weight comparison, one of our doughnuts is the equivalent of three of one of our favorite traditional doughnut shops.  The one that rhymes with Wispy Meme... We've always compared our doughnuts to a specialty pastry more than a traditional doughnut.

We believe the quality of ingredients and love that goes into each HERO supports the value of each one.

Do you ship your doughnuts? Not at the moment.  We know that it has been done.  We will continue to look for the optimum way to get our doughnuts to the most humans as possible while maintaining every morsel of freshness.

Do you accept pre orders? Yes we do!  Call us at the shop and let us know how we can help:  

How can I find out the flavor menu? Follow us on Instagram where we publish daily flavors available.

Do you sell gift cards? Yes. Gift cards are available at the shop, as well as online E-Gift Cards.